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Space Associations and Interest Groups

62 mile club

Amateur Spaceflight Association

American Association of Amateur Astronomers

American Astronautical Society

Artemis Project

Astronomical League

Astronomy Buzz

British Royal Astronomical Society

Canadian Space Commerce Association

Coalition for Space Exploration

CubeSat Program

Commercial Space Place yahoogroup

DIRECT Launcher

East Antrim Astronomical Society

Google Lunar X-Prize

Ice In Space

International Association of Space Entrepreneurs

International Astronomical Union

International Space University

InterPlanetary Ventures

Israeli Nanosatellite Association

Lunar Research Institute


Mars Foundation

Mars Society

NASA Space Flight forum


New Mexico Space Alliance

Nuclear Space

People for Aerospace


Red Colony

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand



ShareSpace Foundation


Sidewalk Astronomers

Space Advocate

Space Archaeology

Space Architect

Space Buffs

Space Colony One

Space Elevator yahoogroup

Space Fellowship

Space Frontier Foundation

Space Love

Space New Frontier forum

Space Settlement

Space Settlers yahoogroup

Space Studies Institute

Space Studies Institute yahoogroup

Spacewatch Project

Starship Forum yahoogroup

The Moon Society

The Planetary Society

The Space Foundation

Wallonie Espace

World Space Center

X-Prize Foundation

Yuri's Night

Galaxy Zoo
Space Weather
Space Careers
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence NASA CoLab
the Carnival of Space Worldwide Launch Schedule
Astronomy Podcasts NASA TV
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